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Angostura, Aromatic Bitters 6.7 oz

Angostura, Aromatic Bitters 6.7 oz

Type: Bitters
Producer: Angostura
Title: Aromatic Bitters
Location: Trinidad
Size: 6.7 oz
ABV: 44.7%
Base: Gentian, Herbs, Spices
Any home bar should have a bottle of Angostura Aromatic bitters. It's an essential item, like a fork or chair or shoe. Without it, your life changes for the worse. With it, the possibilities come flooding in! Bitters add complexity and balance to cocktails and they can help to bring out the flavor of other ingredients. Some say they even help with your digestion.
If you want to make an Old Fashioned or Manhattan, you'll need a bottle of these bitters. A concentrate made of herbs, spices and gentian, the actual recipe is a closely guarded secret with only one person knowing the recipe. This knowledge is passed on hereditarily.

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