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EPISODE 4: Nocino and Sensuality with Dez Rockweit

We thought Dez Rockweit of Boudiour by Dez might be the best person to talk to about the color of an Italian liqueur called Nocino. Made from macerated green walnut husks, then pressed and aged, Nocino stands out on the shelf because of its pitch black color. How did black become such a symbol of sexuality? 
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EPISODE 3: Advocaat and Gabrielle Martin on The Shining

 On one hand we have a best seller book turned into a classic Kubrick horror film, and on the other we have an an egg liqueur of the Netherlands based on an avocado drink invented in Brazil. What is gained and what is lost in adaptations? 
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EPISODE 2: Cognac and Jane Peterson of In the Beginning Midwifery

We get to sit down with Jane Peterson and discuss what it's like to witness the beginning of someone's life in the world. We do this while tasting some aged Cognac, which is a brandy from France that's been aged in oak barrels. Between these two complex spirits (Jane the midwife and V.S.O.P. Cognac) we hope to gather insight into the nuance of aging.
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EPISODE 1: Chartreuse and Forrest Fleishauer of Produce Point

We've taken a trip into the greenhouses at Produce Point, Forrest's vertical hydroponic production of chemical free herbs & greens, to discuss sustainability and Chartreuse.  Talk about sustainable: in the Chartreuse Mountains of France, an order of monks have produced this liqueur for over 400 years and the recipe is still a closely guarded secret!
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