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caravanserai is an ancient desert oasis for travelers, traders, and nomads to rest, but also exchange goods and knowledge as they continue on their journey.  This has inspired Keith and Lenora Howl to open Caravan Wine Shop, a stopping place for all people to find wine/ beer/ spirits/ food from all over the world, with a focus on those small producers with unique stories and practices.  By creating access to products that represent the myriad of cultures found on this planet, Caravan believes that alcohol becomes more than a beverage, but also an artifact; a tool for learning and a portal to all time and space.

We want to share our beliefs and practices here at Caravan Wine Shop:


  1. Alcohol does not discriminate and neither do we.  Our products are for everyone (of appropriate age!)

  2. Everyone can be their own expert, and we are here to guide you to developing your own palate.

  3. Alcohol is a product of the earth; sun, soil, insects, wind, water, and animals all contribute to its existence.  The resulting personality is a reflection of it's earthly creation.

  4. Through the story of alcohol, we tell the story of humanity.  We see our products as modern cultural artifacts that hold mystery and history.

  5. We believe in Transformative Consumption: what you internalize, be it food, beverage, or knowledge, has an affect on the mind, body, and spirit.  In turn, it affects what you express externally.  To make a positive contribution to Stevens Point and the surrounding communities, we will provide products and experiences that encourage growth, stimulation, and wonderment, leading to dynamic possibilities.

These tenets of our philosophy are rooted around the basic indisputable fact that alcohol should be enjoyed.  It is a sensational experience to imbibe in fine wine, beer, and spirits, which is why we are here!