Wine & Society: The Social and Cultural Context of a Drink

Wine & Society: The Social and Cultural Context of a Drink

Title: Wine & Society
Author: Steve Charters M.W.
Publisher: Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann
This book analyses the motivation and perspectives of both those who make and those who drink wine. It uses insights from anthropology, sociology and psychology to deconstruct the meaning wine offers, especially its symbolic function, and in doing that it may appear to be cold and objective about the product itself. But wine offers great pleasure, excitement and fun; it stimulates, consoles and thrills, and in the academic dissection of its place in society this should never be forgotten. It is enjoyment rather than cold analysis, after all, which brings us to wine in the first place and continues to provide its fascination. Nevertheless, I think that with all its complexity this fascination can be piqued and enhanced by a deeper understanding of how we use it. I believe that knowledge enhances rather than impedes enjoyment.

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