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Vinos Patio, Paeriza

Vinos Patio, Paeriza

Type: Red
Body: Full
Producer: Vinos Patio
Title: Paeriza
Location: SPAIN, La Mancha
Size: 750 ML
ABV: 14.1%
Grape: Tinto Velasco, Syrah, Airen
Method: Organic, Biodynamic, Zero/Zero
This wine drinks like reading Gertrude Stein: so incredibly layered, coating the palate with an array of textures, and filling your head with mystery. "What is this thing? How is it so delicious when I can't even define what IT is?" This is when wine becomes art.
Made with the rustic and edgy varietal Tinto Velasco, the winemaker employs some carbonic maceration with the Syrah and Airen to bring out some deeply dark yet fresh fruit & earth components. This is a full-bodied, complex glass that'll give you more questions than answers.

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