The Wine Bible

The Wine Bible

Title: Madeira: The Wine Bible
Author: Karen MacNeil
Publisher: Workman
Most wine books begin with what wine is, and we'll definitely get into that. But I decided to lead off the first section of The Wine Bible with something different: the bottom line, the big question, and the most important part for most of us, and that is: What makes great wine great? From there, we'll get down to the specifics, and I'll take you through the details of what wine is; why great wines don't come from just anywhere; the stunning role that place plays in making a wine taste as it does; the vast world of grape varieties and how to get to know them; how wine is made; plus everything you need to know before you taste, from how to feel comfortable in a wine shop to how to choose the best wineglasses to the differences between aerating and decanting. Finally, we'll end with a bang: how to taste wine like a professional. I've concluded with this, not to be archingly academic but because the better your tasting technique, the more taste sensations (and pleasure) you'll derive from wine. And pleasure, I think you'll agree, is the whole point.

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