Pedro Parra Y Familia, MONK

Pedro Parra Y Familia, MONK

Type: Red
Body: Full
Producer: Pedro Parra
Title: MONK
Location: CHILE, Bio Bio, Itata
Size: 750 ML
ABV: 14.5%
Grape: Cinsault

Itata is a small, remote wine region in the Bio Bio area of southern Chile. The area is an outstanding mysterious place, full of history, terroir, and passion. Itata and Bio Bio were for many years an area of isolated granitic mountains, near the ocean, 500 kms south of Santiago. A difficult place to visit for centuries, with no roads, steep slopes, rain, and forest. Therefore, isolation was responsible for an strong local commitment to viticulture and wine, absolutely lost in time, and totally disconnected with the wine modernity that happened in Chile in the last 40 years.

This wine, MONK, pays homage to the brilliant jazz innovator Thelonious Monk. The wine is muscular, direct, strong and complex. It spends a year in large oak and undergoes a native yeast fermentation. Expect something that will keep you guessing but always keep you intrigued.


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