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Osborne House Sherry Tasting

Osborne House Sherry Tasting

A Tasting of Very Old Rare Sherries from the Osborne House.

The Solera System has haunted us since we first discovered Sherry. A method of fractional blending that allows for multiple vintages to be blended together, the Solera System creates wines with a nuance of character that dodges all definitions. One sip leaves lifetimes on the tongue.

If that sounds interesting to you, you'll be happy to hear we have some single bottles of exceptional Sherry from the Osborne House in Spain that we are just itching to open. Founded in 1772, the Osborne family has steadily consolidated an unparalleled collection of very old rare sherries, which have been nurtured with the utmost patience and care through 7 generations. This is some exquisite juice, and we don't have much of it.

On Monday, August 7th at 6:30pm at Caravan we will be tasting four expressions from Osborne House: the 51-1A Amontillado, Capuchino Palo Cortado, Sibarita Oloroso and the Venerable Pedro Ximenez.  With only a few hundred bottles released to the world each year, this will be a rare & thrilling tasting event.

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