Orval, Trappist Ale- Single

Orval, Trappist Ale- Single

Type: Ale
Style: Belgian Pale Ale

Producer: Orval
Title: Trappist Ale
Location: Belgium
Size: 11.2 oz
ABV: 6.9%
Quantity: Single
Have you ever had the experience of re-discovering a book that you remember upon first reading just not understanding what all the fuss n' fluff was about? But then, a bit later in life, you get a chance to re-read it and somehow your entire life is changed because of it? Well, this beer is that book.
A wildly complex beer made with three different malts, two types of hops, multiple yeast strains (including Brettanomyces), dry-hopping and bottle conditioning. Needless to say, this is a beer of character. It ages well and can keep in your cellar for five years, at the end of which you can open it up and taste something even more fascinating than you remember it being. See what I'm saying? This beer goes a long way. Try it with some smoked salmon, crispy calamari, or a simple fresh pear.

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