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Matic, Mea Orange

Matic, Mea Orange

Type: Sparkling Orange
Style: Pet Nat
Body: Full
Producer: Matic
Title: Mea Orange
Location: Slovenia, Stajerska
Size: 750 ML
ABV: 12.5%
Grape: Reisling
The juice of white wine grapes is often drained away from the skins within minutes or hours after pressing. Orange wines gain their color from the white grapes having extended skin contact after being crushed. In the case of this wine, that skin contact is quite long: 22 days! 
The Mea Orange Riesling is aged in clay Amphora before being bottled. No SO2 has been added at all during the process, leaving this wine to be totally natural. It is dry, fresh, sparkling and oh-so-orange. Feed your need for bubbly adventures!


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