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Lagrimas de Dolores, Temoaya Mezcal

Lagrimas de Dolores, Temoaya Mezcal

Type: Mezcal
Style: Joven Artesenal
Producer: Lagrimas de Dolores
Title: Temoaya
Location: Mexico, Durango
Size: 750 ML
ABV: 86 Proof 
Base Material: 100% Wild Cenizo (Agave Durangensis)
Mezcal is the predecessor to more modern Tequila (which is itself a type of Mezcal). Using wild and indigenous agave, the plant is charred and then roasted in an underground oven before being distilled on an old almebic copper still. Wondefully complex, Mezcal is smoky with notes of citrus and earth.   We love this spirit on its own, with a single cube. However, you can feel free to put mezcal in many cocktails. Try a Moscow Mule or Old Fashioned with this. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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