Gran Agave, Reposado Tequila

Gran Agave, Reposado Tequila

Type: Tequila
Style: Reposado

Producer: Gran Agave
Title: Reposado
Location: Mexico, Jalisco
Size: 1000 ML
ABV: 80 Proof 
Base: 100% Weber Blue Agave
A slightly more mature tequila, the Reposado style has been rested in oak barrels for about 6 months. This adds a bit of nuance and softness to the spirit that can create cocktails with great depth of character (and still be FUN!!!). Just because it's aged in oak doesn't mean that now it's all serious. If you want the afternoon to just keep going, a shot of Reposado with an espresso chaser is the way the ancients did it.
Agave use in Mexico goes back to the Aztecs who made an alcoholic drink from it called pulque. Spanish conquistadors who had settled in Mexico started distilling agave in the 16th century when their brandy supply ran out. There are 166 varieties of agave, but only the Weber Blue can be used to make tequila. Knowing all this will help you converse at your home bar with all of your vaccinated friends. Good thing: It's a litre bottle!

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