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Gustoso Aguardiente, Blanco Rum

Gustoso Aguardiente, Blanco Rum

Type: Rum
Style: White Rum
Producer: Gustoso Aguardiente
Title: Blanco
Location: Mexico, Michoacan
Size: 750 ML
ABV: 86 Proof 
Base: Fermented Cane Juice/ Molasses
The terroir and cool nights of this high altitude create ideal conditions for the cultivation of sugar cane and creation of a complex, deeply flavored rum known as Gustoso Aguardiente Artisanal Rum. The family-run sugar cane farms crafts sustainably produced, small-batch rum that stands in stark contrast to the lighter, mass-produced options.  This drier, more flavorful twist is beloved by serious rum aficionados and mixologists, and the communities in Mexico.

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