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Gruven Vodka

Gruven Vodka

Type: Vodka
Producer: Gruven
Title: Gruven
Location: Poland
Size: 1000 ML
ABV: 80 Proof 
Base: Wheat, Rye
Whether or not Russia made vodka before Poland will be debated until the end of time. We do know however that Poland has been making vodka since at least the early 1400s. (This is when Joan of Arc was on trial!) The process has remained the same all this time: take grains and distill a clear spirit. Ta-da! Here we present Polish Fire-Water.
If you're looking for something to simply disappear into your cocktails, this is your vodka. Whether making a martini, cosmopolitan or Black Russian, Gruven provides an extremely clean and smooth flavor. Quadruple distilled, you can't get much cleaner than that.

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