Mellow Corn

Mellow Corn

Type: Whiskey
Style: Corn Whiskey
Producer: Mellow Corn
Title: Mellow Corn
Location: USA, Kentucky
Size: 750 ML
ABV: 100 Proof 
Base: 90% Corn, 10% Rye and Malted Barley

The phrase "diamond in the rough" might be a little extreme for this whiskey. If we twist it around and say this is the "rough around the diamond" that might be more accurate. Most corn whiskey is not known for being overly complex, and this is no exception. However, sometimes you just want something that is true and accessible. Mellow Corn has a classic character, unchanged in its production methods and labeling for decades. It sits at a nice strong 100 proof with a little age on it. Drop a couple cubes in your glass and this is everyday refreshment.
Our good friend Ozzie put it best when he wondered what Ulysses S. Grant would be drinking just after winning the Civil War. The answer is the same stuff that Robert E. Lee would've had in his tin cup: corn whiskey.

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