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DAB, DAB Original Lager- 4PK

DAB, DAB Original Lager- 4PK

Type: Lager
Producer: DAB
Title: DAB Original
Location: Germany
Size: 16.9 oz
ABV: 5%
Quantity: 4 pack
I was out mowing the lawn. The sun was up, high, in the sky. Once I finished mowing between the lawn animals, there'd be nothing left on my list of things-to-do. So, what should I do next? Go fishing?
The name DAB is the initials for the name of the brewery, Dortmunder Actien-Brauerei, started and based in Dortmunder, Germany since 1868. This is a pale, bottom-fermented blonde lager. It is a balanced, crisp and easy-to-drink beer with simple notes of hops and malt. A very well-rounded taste profile with a soft and elegant texture.

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