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Berto, Gin

Berto, Gin

Type: Gin
Producer: Berto
Title: Gin
Location: Italy, Piedmont
Size: 1000 ML
ABV: 86 Proof 
Base: Rosemary, Bay Laurel, Juniper, Lemons
There really are just too many perfect occasions in which to drink gin: days, nights, alone, together, victory, defeat, friends, family, strangers, lovers, misery, paradise, sickness and in health....Gin is the thing. Maybe smelling all of that juniper forces an internal connection to the truth about ourselves and the world in which we live. So can we agree to just cut the act and be real, for everyone's sake?
Berto Gin undergoes separate distillations of 5 different botanicals in a pot still. Each distillate is then blended to reach the desired freshness, balance and depth. Perfect to pair with lamb curry, fish n' chips, or The Kinks on vinyl with all your windows open so the neighbors can hear.


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