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Berto, Bitter Amaro

Berto, Bitter Amaro

Type: Amaro
Style: Apertif
Producer: Berto
Title: Bitter
Location: Italy, Piedmont
Size: 1000 ML
ABV: 50 Proof 
Base: Bitter Orange, Gentian, Rhubarb
True to its name, Berto Bitter is wonderfully bitter. I am often drawn to this flavor quality when nothing else seems to satisfy, or I, myself, am becoming a bit bitter. The holistic approach tells me to match like with like. So, when the sun feels too bright and I am annoyed by a simple passing car, I know it's time to heal and make myself a Negroni. When I feel my best, I can give my best to the world.
Another traditional Italian liquer, Bitter is made by infusing bitter orange, rhubarb and gentian. With higher alcohl than the Aperitivo, Bitter can be a bit more complex and handle being mixed into a greater array of cocktails. So, I take my Negroni and BLT sandwich and wish peace upon the world around me.


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