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Berto, Aperitivo Amaro

Berto, Aperitivo Amaro

Type: Amaro
Style: Apertif
Producer: Berto
Title: Aperitivo
Location: Italy, Piedmont
Size: 1000 ML
ABV: 30 Proof 
Base: Bitter Orange, Gentian, Ginger, Rhubarb
Nothing beats the Italian aperitivos style of alcohol (think Aperol, Cappeletti, Berto, etc.). To make the most refreshing drink you've ever had  can turn any day (morning, afternoon, evening) into your birthday. Mix a little bubbly wine, Berto Aperitivo and club soda and you've got yourself a party. It really is that simple.
Berto Aperitivo is made at a family run distillery that focuses on preserving traditional Piedmontese liquers and vermouths. Apertivo is made with bitter orange, gentian, ginger and rhubarb. All the ingredients are infused for at least 3 weeks, and then aged in stainless steel for 3 more.


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