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Atxa, Tinto Vermouth

Atxa, Tinto Vermouth

Type: Vermouth
Style: Sweet Vermouth
Producer: Atxa
Title: Tinto
Location: Spain, Basque Region
Size: 750 ML
ABV: 30 Proof 
Base: Wine, Botanicals, Gentian, Wormwood

Vermouth should stand for versatility. It's commonly stirred into cocktails like a Manhattan or Boulevardier, but can also be sipped over ice with a slice of orange for authentic Spanish-style relaxation.
At Atxa Distillery in the Basque Region, the botanicals are macerated with wine for 30 days, then filtered and aged for an additional 30 days. You can tell by the color you've got something deep, aromatic and playful. So go on now, take your siesta, and go for a vermouth. Chips, olives, and cheese to pair.


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