Adventures on the Wine Route

Adventures on the Wine Route

Title: Adventures on the Wine Route
Author: Kermit Lynch
Publisher: North Point Press
We Americans with our New World innocence and democratic sensibilities tend to think that all wines are created equal, and that the differences in quality are simply a matter of individual taste.
The French, with their aristocratic heritage, their experience and tradition, approach wine from another point of view. Just as France has its kings, nobleman, and commoners, French wine has its grands crus, permiers crus, and there is even an official niche for the commoners, the vins de table.
The wines produced by each nation are different, and the wine of each is well served by the two national viewpoints. One understands the style of California wines better when one understands the pioneering spirit, and one cannot appreciate French wine with any depth of understanding without knowing how the French themselves look at their wines, by going to the source, descending into their cold, humid cellars, tasting with them, and listening to the language they employ to describe their wines. It is not the vocabulary Californians employ, and often a precise translation of wine terms from one language to the other is impossible. I spend a third of the year tasting with the French winegrowers, and my book is about my experiences on the wine routes and in the wine cellars of France.

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