A History of Wine in America: From the Beginnings to Prohibition

A History of Wine in America: From the Beginnings to Prohibition

Title: A History of Wine In America
Author: Thomas Pinney 
Publisher: University of California Press
The history of the vine in America begins, symbolically at least, in the fogs that shroud the medieval Norseman's explorations. Every American knows the story of Leif Ericsson, and how, in A.D 1001, he sailed from Greenland to the unknown country to the west. The story, however, is not at all clear. Historian disagree as to what the records of this voyage actually tell us, since they are saga narratives; they come from a remote era, from a strange language, and are uncritical, indistinct, and contradictory. Most experts, however, will agree that Leif--or someone--reached the new land. There, at least according to one saga, while Leif and his men went exploring in one direction, another member of the company, a German named Tyrker, went off by himself and made the discover of what he called wineberries--vinber in the original Old norse, translated into English as "grapes". The Norseman made Tyrker's "grapes" a part of their cargo when they sailed away, and Leif, in honor of this notable part of the country's produce, called the land "Wineland".

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