The Club Caravan theme this month comes from an interest in trivial matters.  Those little bits of semantics that you walk by, or in this case sit on, every day without thinking about.  And then one day, you wake up and think, “Wait- what is the difference between a couch and a sofa?  And what do I have?”  All of a sudden it seems ludicrous that you have never considered this before.  When you start asking around, you get the feeling that no one else really knows the difference either.  Some people don’t mind living in this kind of ambiguity.  Some have fierce opinions without even knowing why.   We asked friends and family located in different parts of the country and from varying generations to describe the difference between a couch and a sofa.  While  each conversation started with declarations of definitive differences, they each ended with an “Oh well I don’t know.  Maybe it’s a regional thing.”   One dear friend even admitted to having a sofa upstairs and a couch in the basement.  When I asked how she knew she had a couch in the basement but not in the living room, she replied, “ Because my kids drew all over the one in the basement.” These odd social phenomena where we collectively share a wrong impression or lack of definition can be such fascinating insights into peoples’ lives and ways of connecting to each other.  However instead of connecting through a shared usage of a regional colloquialism, the couch vs. sofa conversation connects us through a shared unknown.


We will be revealing the true difference between couches and sofas for all of you who don’t know already.  Their differences may surprise, they may disappoint, you may think life was simpler when you didn’t know.  But we have wines that pair with whichever one you happen to be sitting on. 

[Living Room, Showing Chandelier and Sofa, Probably Joseph Verner Reed Family Residence] 1930–34 Walker Evans