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Anton Stankowski, Running From Outside to Inside, Lino Cut, 1961


Welcome to a wine trip into the metaphysical. This month, as you go through the words and the wines, we ask you to carry a tolerance for ambiguity as we swim between the physical external, and the psychic/emotional internal worlds of being human and living a life from day to day. Through three wines we offer an opportunity to change gears, slow down, investigate, observe and conclude things about YOU. This month pairs three wines with three actions: a creamy, medium bodied white with a descent away from our everyday habits and towards a reflective space within ourselves; a lively and wild light-bodied red with the patient and quiet work of investigating the recent past; and finally a full-bodied, deep and sweet red with an act of self discovery and declaration.

In general, the tasting is about Transformation and the process that leads to it. The fact we are in October and the weather/colors/temperature/clothing/activity is changing around this time of year is a somewhat direct connection to the overall theme of the tasting. But, to go a bit deeper, those things I just listed are the superficial elements that can often encourage the internal work we do as the weather chills, such as self-examination and assessment. Now, let's take personal stock of our inner being and see what continues to serve us and what needs to change.


Anton Stankowski, Two Part, Lino Cut, 1961


Reverdito is working in Piedmont in northern Italy. They work organically on 26 HA of vineyards. The Nascetta is fermented in stainless steel and then aged for 6 months in clay amphora. Classic notes of smoke, peach & nectarine, with a natural creaminess enhanced by the amphora.
We venture into the depths of things if we feel there may be something there to
find. Where this feeling begins is a puzzle in itself: within us, or upon us from the thing we hope to discover. This dive deep-down-into is a form of aspiration. Images of aspiration are usually expressed in the form of upward trajectories like climbing mountain peaks and seeing angels. Other types of activities (like tasting wine) take us, with similar intention, in an opposite direction (deep-down-into). It is something experienced within oneself, and can at times be magnified and intensified when shared with others.  The aspiration is the desire to discover, the walking of the downward path to investigate. 
The Descent is the beginning of the journey. It is the pathway towards something. And in this case, the journey is the preparatory work done in order to get to the place of examination. It is the venturing on the path that helps to shed the mood of where we were before. It is the liminal space, the in-between of existing outwardly in the present and dwelling internally on the past and the known. As we descend, enjoy the wine and release your hold on doing/being/knowing/accomplishing.
We chose a slightly richer style white wine for this beginning for a couple reasons. Wines made from the Nascetta variety can have good levels of acidity that upon sipping can feel like little shocks to our senses, sending out signals to make sure everything is in good working order.  Nascetta also has some texture and body on the palate. The weight of the wine begins a slowing down of habitual and reactionary thinking, encouraging us to switch gears from outward action towards inward reflection. It’s this balance of the wine's weight with the wine’s acidity that gives a sense of tender grounding. Now, give yourself over to gravity, take a sip and let’s get low.

Anton Stankowski, Coincidental, Lino Cut, 1961



Gamay is the classic red grape of Beaujolais, and the grapes for this wine come from the winemaker’s home vineyard, 8 ha in the village of Lantignié. Using indigenous yeast for fermentation and minimal sulfur, this wine is bright but with a dark side.
Thinking is a form of spinning, and laying out the evidence of what is going on internally: in our heads, our minds, our hearts, our soul, our body. Thinking is a reaction to our intention (or aspiration), which was to shine a light into the depths of our innermost being. A bottle of Beaujolais powers the light that shines back on ourselves. We can weave things simple and complicated, and they can be unwoven or demolished just as easily. The web, once spun, can connect to the wind and listen in for what’s happening across the way. What is this wine telling you about you? Take a sip and notice what you notice.
The Reverdito got us here, and now this wine, the Jean-Paul Dubost, lets us look around and see what we've got . We don't want to go to sleep in the basement, we want to be attentive. So, the wine is bright yet complex, pleasing and puzzling. We want to examine and look around with wide yet relaxed eyes. It's in this space that both conscious and unconscious connections are made. We can be surprised to discover, we can have fond recollections, we can see what's out of place or what no longer belongs, what we no longer need. We assess ourselves while gently asking Who Am I This Time? What’s my mood? Does anything feel out of sorts? What’s feeling right?  These are friendly questions that are meant to allow you to see yourself anew.
As delicious and curious as this wine/spider work is, we don't stay for long in the depths. It's a place to visit, search through, and find what we're looking for. That moment of final gathering reveals a truth of new importance. And now, we are ready to ascend and see the thing in the light of day.


Anton Stankowski, Growing, Lino Cut, 1961



Made from a classic blend of Portuguese varieties (Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca and Tinta Roriz) this Port spends nearly 4 years in old wooden tanks before being bottled. If you can, decant this bottle for a couple hours before drinking (it’s worth it!).
Nature’s Awakening happens here, in this moment, now. Let the trumpets blare a
honk of recognizing the moment. Declare a new truth about you!! When plants bloom they open up the bell of their body with confidence, beauty, and clear intent. The angelic trumpets blare some type of truth. As we search the spider’s web that came together in the last wine, there comes a time when we are struck by some find. HOW it is found is a mystery, but when found, HOW is instantly forgotten and unnecessary. This bit of magic between our sensory and intellectual/emotional connections (ie taste leading to thought) is actually best experienced as a phenomenon beyond our understanding that, however wondered about, is never explained away. Let’s move on to WHAT we found. Here is where the reverse process is considered: that IT found YOU, the wine finds you every time, the moment you choose to notice it. What realizations have you made based on your close & patient spider’s work? What within you is asking to be announced?
The LBV Porto is a wine of bold announcement. It makes a clear and strong statement and we relish the tasting of every single drop with confidence. It is 100% enjoyable. It is 100% YOU loving YOU, without question, without hesitation, without qualifiers. Be bold in the expression of joy you have at knowing yourself anew. Play the trumpet and make a joyful noise.


Our aim is to give a glimpse into the many roles wine has played throughout history.  All subjects mentioned deserve more attention and research and we encourage you to keep exploring.  We are only here to pop the cork.

Many Thanks, Caravan Wine Shop

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