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Saturday, September 16 - Tuesday, October 3

Caravan Wine Shop is joining the world in celebrating the jolliest beer festival in history. This centuries old festival has a couple origin stories: one commemorates the dropping temperatures that will allow for new fall brewing to begin, the other is the royal wedding of King Ludwig I to Princess Therese Saxe- Hildburghausen.  They threw themselves a weeklong festival and invited everyone!  Which is the spirit Caravan is bringing to Oktoberfest this month. Time to drink up the last of spring and summer! Join us for free beer tastings every Thursday through September, and special gatherings to start and end the fest where we may Prost together.

Gatherings at Caravan
with German Music, Pretzels, and Cheer
Saturday, September 16, 6-8 PM

and Tuesday, October 3, 6-8 PM

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